Meralgia Paresthetica

First, I never give reviews, but Dr. Seruya more than deserves me taking the time and thanking him publicly and letting people know what an amazing doctor he is. Everything from the staff to Dr Seruya are a 5+ star. After 4 doctors misdiagnosing my issue over a 5 month period Dr. Seruya through an email correctly diagnosed what my issue was and promptly brought me in for surgery and after 3 weeks I am 80% improved. Not one doctor even knew what I had or even thought of it. My daughter (who is a research scientist) and I did our own research and went looking for a nerve specialist and found Dr. Seruya through his website. I had a doctor inadvertently cut a nerve in my leg during what should have been a very simple skin cancer procedure, that was the size of a freckle. It caused me to have excruciating pain from my knee to my hip, groin and back with numbness, feelings of electric shock, feeling like water was being thrown on my leg, chills, extreme sensitivity and nothing that I had ever experienced in my life. I would say I was on a scale of 8 out of 10 in pain 24/7. The previous Doctors gave me 10 steroid shots, epidurals, acupuncture, and blocked my L3, insisting that it could not be the simple procedure from the skin cancer. But Dr. Seruya through my explaining the situation before our initial visit on an email, which he responded to within a few hours, was able to diagnose the issue and have me come in the next day and quickly set up surgery and he was correct with his diagnosis. His bedside manner is the best, his quick response to my questions and concerns are amazing, and Beeta his front desk girl is as responsive, kind, and compassionate as Dr. Seruya. If you are having any type of nerve issue you must see Dr. Seruya. I highly recommend him.

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