radial tunnel syndrome

In 2012 I had a botched surgery for a fractured clavicle, resulting in nerve damage and constant excruciating pain. I spent the next several years trying to find a doctor who could help, and none of them could figure it out. I was about to give up, until I went to USC Keck and was seen by Dr. Patel and Dr. Seruya, who diagnosed the problem instantly. Dr. Seruya agreed to perform surgery on the compressed nerve in the arm, and even though he explained to me that the pain may continue for as long as a year while the nerve healed, it was completely pain-free within three months. I was thrilled to find a doctor who is completely transparent, showing me photos and videos of the surgery during a follow-up visit and explaining what he did during the surgery. Anyone who has experienced chronic nerve pain knows how soul-crushing it is, and to experience relief is literally a life saver. To anyone experiencing nerve pain and the frustration of dealing with doctors who don’t know how to help, I would highly recommend Dr. Seruya. He is simply the best.

– From patient RD, a 56 year-old male with radial tunnel syndrome and chronic pain after surgery for a clavicle fracture.

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