Femoral Nerve Damage

Dr. Seruya is changing my quality of life and given me hope for a future of better mobility with nerve transfer surgery he preformed on my leg after having suffered a femoral nerve injury , He is compassionate and caring and I look forward to every time I see him, he is wonderful, a blessing. and I have just started physical therapy but there are things happening after my surgery , movement, it is small and I have years of therapy ahead but for the first time since my injury I have a reason to believe that I can improve , and that hope is all i need, I have hope. Hope for getting back the Quality of life I used to foolishly enjoy everyday. Dr Seruya listens, takes the time to sincerely listen, he Cares. This man is helping me get my life back, how do you post a review of that? I am so lucky. Believe me, this is the Doctor who will listen to you , and then help you, like he is helping me, you can see it in his eyes, he wants to help. I now look forward to the possibilities and challenge each new day of physical therapy brings me, a chance to own the day again, I have that chance because Dr. Seruya chose to challenge himself in choosing neurology , So now I can challenge myself instead of feeling sorry for myself about my injury. Amazing what a bit of hope can do to turn things around . Did I mention that he spends most of his time and talent helping children? that should tell you most of what you want to know about him.

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