Sural Nerve Damage

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Seruya, who performed a sural nerve graft surgery on my left leg/foot in May, 2019. Having seen dozens and dozens of Doctors and Surgeons over the past ten years, finally found a surgeon who provided me with some solutions to a nerve problem that has plagued me for 10 years. Dr. Seruya is very compassionate and has excellent bedside manners. He takes the time to explain the surgical process with the patient and I appreciated that very much. In addition, Dr. Seruya provided me with photos of the surgical procedure, which helped me, as the patient, understand the surgical process and what was completed to reconnect my nerve. While I’m still in the healing process of this surgery, I feel confident that his skilled expertise in nerve reconstruction will provide me relief once the nerve endings reconnect in the next year. I would highly recommend Dr. Seruya for treatment of nerve-related injuries as he will provide solutions that were never considered by other Doctors. Thank you Dr. Seruya for your care, understanding and problem solving!

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